Report from the Butteryfly & Moth Talk and Walk on 15 July 2017

Pantaloon Bee (dasypoda hirtipes) and nest burrows on Red Lodge SSSI in July 2017. Photos by @singinghedgehog

The Red Lodge Conservation Group would like to thank Twm Wade from Butterfly Conservation for organising the event, also his colleagues Mervyn Crawford and Rob Parker for their presentation on moths at the Red Lodge Millennium Centre.

On the day a large number of butterflies were found, months including the Brassy Longhorn (only found on this site and one other in Suffolk), and the rare Pantaloon Bee (dasypoda hirtipes) – the full lists can be seen below.


  • Brown Argus
  • Comma
  • Common Blue
  • Essex Skipper
  • Gatekeeper
  • Green-veined White
  • Large Skipper
  • Large White
  • Meadow Brown
  • Painted Lady
  • Purple Hairstreak
  • Red Admiral
  • Ringlet
  • Small Copper
  • Small Skipper
  • Small White
  • Speckled Wood

Other butterflies seen on the site earlier in the year:

  • Brimstone
  • Holly Blue
  • Orange-tip


  • Brassy Longhorn (Nemophora metallica) on Field Scabious (Knautia arvensis)
  • Ear Moth
  • Silver-Y
  • Six-spot Burnet